Car is one of the most important inventions that brings a lot of changes to our lives and how we react to the world. The car purchasing behaviors in China are influenced by the technology, policy, economy, and social media, well, there is still a high demand for car usage. As more and more car manufacturers to enter the Chinese market, both local and imported car brands are facing intensified competition. We target to review the industry in micro & macro levels to draw a complete image of the current landscape. With the various design thinking tools to be applied for identifying new opportunities that bring new values to brand awareness. During the analysis, we were able to identify opportunities from the current trends among young Chinese generation and missing linkage between Renault brand value and the brand image in customers minds, developing new channels to better communication through potential touchpoints. An overall scheme will be created via driving school, as a bridge to connect the current business to the new context. The Renault F1 team shall not be limited by a group of fans but integrated with more young drivers. All these aspects together with mutual benefits & values exchange for all related parties would sustainably rise Renault brand awareness and reach long-term gains. we are looking for being adaptive to future change and the possibility of raising Renault brand awareness in a new innovative way.