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Changed Economic Paradigms

25th August 2018

The model is put forward to present the reflection and business transformation, and help us to understand the value in a changing landscape. In my point of view, it will be better used at enterprise and national level. It is unlikely to explain the value of business transformation to a manager form a small-sized company whose purpose is to generate profit. However, for someone who is ambitious to create industry revolution, it is a great tool to explain how value develops from a point to a constellation. Summarized from hundreds of paradigms, the table shows the essential progress of each stage. For the traditional industry, like the film production, people mindset is the critical factor to look at when creating the new business model. The needs of audiences changed following the trends of technological improvements, so the filmmakers are required to learn new skills and develop creativity. As the traditional revenues channels like TV ads and box office are declining, it is time to try new approaches. iQiyi in Mainland China released its first online movie, which has only been screened on the websites and mobile equipment. In this way, the movie has zero box office, but the company earns a good profit by charging the member fee to watch its new movie. Through the movie had less market impact, there was less investment of the movie description.

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